Get up to a $350.00

Unsecured Line of Credit!

The ChargeIt+Plus card provides immediate credit access at your favorite retailer giving you another way to pay when you need it, both now and in the future.

Immediate credit to purchase the things you want at over 1,000 retail locations near you!

Much less expensive than bouncing a check and lower fees than payday loans.

We report positive pay history and it may improve your credit options.

All you need is a valid US checking account. Once approved, you can begin using the card immediately. You make purchases and we debit your account on the date or dates you select. The ChargeIt+Plus credit card is accepted at over 1,000 retail locations.

How ChargeIt+Plus Works
Ever have one of those days when you need items today but are running short on funds? ChargeIt+Plus helps to alleviate the problem. Once your application has been verified and approved, card activation will instantly give you access to a credit line between $50.00 – $350.00. Make proper payment on the payment schedule you select and watch your credit limit grow. This card acts as a revolving account. Once you make your payment, your credit limit is automatically reinstated. You will have gained purchasing power at over 1,000 retail locations.

Where Can I Use my ChargeIt+Plus Card?
Your ChargeIt+Plus Card is accepted at over 1,000 locations. Never run out of food or gas before payday with a no hassle- no credit check approved line of credit. Check out the many stores and find the ones closest to you. Using your new card has never been so easy to afford the items you need when you need it the most! A history of successful payments will increase your credit limit. We give you anytime Internet access to our secure website to check your balance, update your profile, and much more. We report positive pay history and it may improve your credit options.